Seeking Network Affiliates

We are reaching out to various organizations in an attempt to build network affiliates for the youth!
If this is your first visit to Thinking Indigenous here’ s what it’s all about, very briefly:

Thinking Indigenous is a platform to promote the work of native youth organizations, and professionals making a huge impact in their community. Thinking Indigenous is also a professional – social network for Indigenous youth looking to broaden their network and easily access resources and support in a professional pursuit of their own!

The network’s decisions will be made by the youth, for the youth and their respective communities. All funding donated to Thinking Indigenous goes directly into accomplishing the proposed ideas, planned and implemented by the youth.

Current Divisional Feature Page Developments:

  • Indigenous Arts – working with Sun Rose Iron Shell
  • Physical Fitness – coordinating affiliates and adult advisors (contact me if you’d like to contribute!)

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