Northwest 10th Annual Indian Storytelling Festival

Stories live in our DNA. Stories reveal our Native culture. Our traditional stories connect us to our ancestors. It helps us carry on our lineage and it shows that our culture continues to live. Stories help keep us connected to our communities. They give us guidance and direction from the example of our ancestors. Stories are meant to teach us lessons and they show us how to create balance within ourselves and in the world.

It is important to understand those stories of our ancestors, those who have endured many trials and those who have suffered great loss. These stories bring healing to our people when they are shared, because they are not forgotten. As Native people we can raise up by bringing our culture alive through these traditional stories. Our Native people need our Elders, we can learn from their example. Our Elders have so much to offer, they are ready and willing to share with the youth. They want to pass down the traditions, so that the youth can bring unity to us once again.

The next generations of youth are the ones who will help carry out our Native cultures. So many of us have lost our traditions and have lost the sense of community. If we as Native youth do not start learning our culture, it may be lost forever. It is our duty to learn these traditions, so that we can carry out our lineage and write our true history. It is time to show that our culture is still alive.

We are reaching out to ALL Native youth! Elders from tribes all over the Nation are gathering together to teach and share their cultural stories. We need you to help carry on these stories. By attending, The Native American Storytelling Festival, on October 16th and 17th of 2015 in Portland, Oregon, you will learn how to become a storyteller and be able to connect with our traditional Elders. We will learn how to keep our stories alive. Let us come together and connect to our traditional roots. Hope to see you there! This will be a life-changing event!

To learn more about the festival visit or visit our Facebook page: Northwest Indian Storytellers Association.


Jacquelyn Nielsen

About Jacquelyn Nielsen

Jacquelyn is a youth ambassador for Generation Indigenous and WeRNative. She is also a mentor coordinator at Wisdom of the Elders.

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