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The founder, Celeste Kimimila Terry (Oglala Lakota) sat down and had a talk with Dennis Worden the creator of NextGen Native back in 2015 when Thinking Indigenous launched. Since then Dennis’ work has continued to inspire us here at Thinking Indigenous, as well as the listeners of his podcasts.

This type of media is important, and really speaks volumes of the many indigenous professionals making a difference in their communities.

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NextGen Native is a website for the NextGeneration of Native professionals. It is about what they are doing, and what ideas or energy drives them. It is about improving yourself as a person. It is about learning, sharing. It is about showcasing the positive energy in Indian Country. It’s about inspiring action and taking action.

The NextGen Native podcast features the stories of Natives telling their own stories. Indian Country has many more people doing great work than we may realize. This site intends to give them a platform to be seen and heard.

In many tribal communities the concept of Seven Generations–that actions and decisions should be made with the 7th generation in mind–is well known. NextGen Native looks at what current generations are doing to improve the lives of the 7th generation. Each of us is part of “the next generation” each of us is part of the first generation, and the seventh generation. What you do will be the realization of those that came before you and the groundwork for those generations to come. Dennis Worden is the creator of NextGen Native. He is Couer d’ Alene and currently lives in Arkansas.

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