Lakota Language Game Exploration

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Thinking Indigenous is proud to announce the developing partnership with the developer of the Native Languages: Lakota Language Game!


Thinking Indigenous is proud to announce our partnership with Arthur Jacobs; an independent game designer. He has been coding/scripting for 20 years, volunteers at Native News Online and has designed the Lakota language game! Arthur is easily able to provide the same program for other native languages, and it works on mobile devices.

He has worked with other programmers to implement the design and to bring us a wonderful platform for vocabulary building, and listening to words – save the language! The game is capable for use with other indigenous languages, and Arthur needs your help to add more words, pictures and pronunciations, if you are a strong native/1st language speaker!

Arthur would like to thank Ron Rozewski for his patient work on the graphical keyboards. He would also like to give credit to for their translations and their alphabet. He is seeking 1st language Lakota speakers and native speakers to expand the game’s vocabulary.

Check out the game, and learn a little Lakota!!

Lakota Language Game



If you are interested in participating – Please contact Arthur Jacobs: [email protected]!



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