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It is time – we come together from around the world and collaborate ideas, plans and movement towards the recognition of our cultures. To continue our fight in protecting our families, friends, and Unci Maka (Earth). With around 310 different reservations in the U.S. alone, each facing their own challenges in the community, we need a network to share and collaborate our thoughts on how to create positive changes that will reflect in tribal communities everywhere.

This is an ongoing project and development for a mass network of indigenous youth seeking opportunities to help their community. A network to meet others, to share similar interests, and to develop ideas for creating plans towards the changes we need to see, and make.

I am seeking native youth with a variety of talents; that you can provide on a local, national and international level!

  • Activists, leaders and organizers!
  • Coders, Programmers, Web Designers and Graphic Designers (with Forum and blogging experience preferred)
  • Students and graduates studying medicine, mental health, cultural trauma, social work and psychology, education, culinary, nutrition and fitness!
  • Artists, fashion designers, writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, and youth incorporating our traditions into modern life.

There is an opportunity to go to the White House, and an opportunity to represent our strong nations on a national level. We will be able to network and create a movement that incorporates the work our people have been doing for years, it is our time as the 7th generation to rise; we are healing, not broken, we are resilient and proud!

Click ‘The Network‘ above in the menu, sign up, and start creating your own opportunities!

Working hard to establish a foundation that everyone can build from, and expand on. Don’t hesitate to offer feedback, improvements and advice!

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